Continuing Development Pre-Course Questionnaire

The Continuing Development course provides an opportunity to join with others in a structured environment that supports us in continuing to grow as regenerative practitioners, tying ongoing inner development to increasing effectiveness in the world.

We are looking forward to collectively exploring more deeply into regenerative thinking, being and practice with you over the coming months. “Continuing Development” is based on the premise that continually stretching ourselves by crossing boundaries and working to develop potential is essential to development. We’ve structured the course with two sources of development in mind – individual and field, both of which require collaboration.  

  • Course content: For the content we offer in this course to be a source of development, it must be put to work in your individual lives and practices where it can be tested, deepened and evolved.  That requires faculty and participants working together in sessions to make the content relevant.
  • Growing the field: Each time we gather in a co-learning space, our dialogues reflect the patterns that are moving through the larger field of regenerative practice – both newly realized aspirational horizons, and barriers and challenges (inner and outer) that slow or deflect the path toward them. Bringing consciousness to these patterns and their implications as we work enables us to develop and grow the “ethosphere” (what Robert Bringhurst called the shared realm of attitudes, behavior and ethics) of regenerative development.

As a start on building a shared understanding of both of those, please reflect on the following questions and use this form to share your thoughts: