Created By (User)Mieke Lopes Cardozo
Date CreatedOctober 18, 2022
Reflecting back on the potential I first saw for this work and myself in it and how that has shifted — what is the next order of actualization (i.e., developmental edge) I am being pulled toward?

Having developed a strong sense of purpose/a feeling of trusting/knowing this seems to be the work I need and want to develop - in myself, and with others in the field of (higher) education/development- I feel I am landing at a stage of ‘muscle building/stretching’. Especially with the more continuous and conscious application of dynamic frameworks, I want to commit to ‘training’ and staying present with the work - in all aspects of my various communities (home, family, various work communities, regenerative dev communities).

What inner development will that require?

Reminding myself to regularly ‘resource’ myself, by keeping up daily conciousness practices, engaging with regenerative peers in more regular resourcing meetings - so that I can remember and regain a sense of imperturbability and purpose with all roles/tasks in this stage of my life.

What would reconciling those make possible in terms of the evolving role I could play and the unique contribution I could make?

Embody a more regenerative way of being, practicing and thinking in my engagements with loved-ones, with colleagues and students. And exploring new ways to engage in this work within the ‘restricted/not-(yet)-so-regenerative’ university/education field of endeavour - developing more nodal relationships and projects/communities to do so.