Express Your Interest in Joining our Faculty

Opportunities to join our faculty are highly limited and typically require at least a year of participation in our faculty development program, which includes shadowing TRP sessions and participation in additional other sessions/courses pertinent to faculty-related skills. We thank you for your interest and will log your name in our records, but please note that we may not be able to include you in our faculty development program at this time. A faculty member will reply directly to your form submission below.

We appreciate and fully understand the desire to step into a faculty role, but in fact faculty roles are only one role for developmental processes that members of our community can engage in as resources, as practitioners embedded in local projects, and as educators of this methodology who are developing their own unique product offerings in this approach. We encourage you to consider what opportunities already may exist within your practice for you to continue to grow your capabilities; and, as always, we strongly encourage practitioners to participate in our advanced programming through the Regenesis School as well.

We view ourselves as educators, not teachers, which means we place a high value on more than just content; we express a particular pedagogical approach as well, and expect those interested in joining the faculty development path to be prepared to delve into this dimension of our practice.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the criteria that we view as critical for someone to step into a faculty role:

  • Becoming an educator of this methodology through developing unique product offerings and/or taking on growing a second-line community 
  • Having substantial experience bringing regenerative development frameworks and technology into your practice
  • Participating in an ongoing educational path/community beyond The Regenerative Practitioner Series, including but not limited to:
    • participation in Regenesis School programming (including both workshops and mastery courses)
    • participation in CAD or TCEDC through the Carol Sanford Institute
    • participation in RDMX
    • participation in the Northwestern Europe reiki developmental community


Express Your Interest in Joining our Faculty Development Program

Please see the above for further details. If so, please describe which programs/courses/communities you consider a part of this, including dates and durations of involvement. For Regenesis School programs, please include specific workshop and/or mastery course names as well as dates of participation.
I recognize that space to join the faculty development program is highly limited, and I may not be accepted at this time due to limitations on capacity and/or alignment with our discretionary criteria for participation.(Required)