Re-Sourcing Our Thinking


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Re-Sourcing Our Thinking: Introducing a meta-framework for growing increasing congruency and wholeness of thought and action.

“When we remain unaware of where (our) thoughts come from and what shaped them, it’s all too easy to fall into “thoughting,” recirculating thoughts we’ve had that worked in the past. We may do less harm, but we don’t contribute to the evolution of ourselves or the places and people we work with. Accomplishing that requires learning how to regenerate how we think.” -The Regenerative Practitioner Series curriculum

The idea that in order to change our actions we must first change how we think is core to regenerative practice. We can’t however change what we can’t see and, for the most part, we’re largely unaware of what is actually happening when we’re engaging in thinking. The tendency is to see working on thinking as about improving how it functions, but we know that our thoughts, like whatever comes into existence, have will, being and function components. To increase the power and effectiveness of our thinking, to regenerate it, and to enable others in doing so, we need a way to watch and understand the different components that are sourcing and shaping our thoughts as they are forming.

This course introduces a system of frameworks called the Scope of Consciousness. This meta framework helps us see and calibrate the interactive effects of all three components, helping us conceptualize and grow our understanding and expand our consciousness of the full dimensionality and dynamism of our mind and how it works as a complex systemic whole — as a “being-body-mind” in contrast to the intellectual mind that modern culture tends to reduce it to. The framework has applications beyond our own development, and the course will explore its use at all three lines of developmental work: personal, team and field level.

The Continuing Development Series, of which Re-Sourcing Our Thinking is a part, consists of one two-hour Zoom session per month. Each session includes brief reading material and an assignment applying the session content. The learning experience is greatly enhanced by being part of a study group; we offer support to participants in self-organizing for this if needed.

Session dates
US Wednesdays: April 26, May 31, June 28, July 26, August 30, September 27

Session time
Morning session: (Europe-friendly): 10am-12 pm US Mountain time

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Registration for the course is $650. Six-month payment plans are available for $115 per month (including administrative fees). Subscribers to The Regenesis School receive a $100 discount on each module. Scholarships are available for practitioners who would be unable to participate without financial support.

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August – October 2024

Session Time

US Morning Session (Europe-friendly), US Wednesdays 4 – 6 pm MT (Deep Pacific-friendly)