Resourcing with Drika Horton


One-hour resourcing session with Drika Horton.





Drika Horton is a Regenesis faculty member and Regenerative Development Designer and Resource, with a background in Fine Arts/Sculpture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and healing arts. She is a faculty member of Regenesis and a Living Systems Artist, nested in Boonwurrung Country, Australia. Drika’s practice for the past two decades has focused on creating the energetic conditions for Life to heal itself, exploring earth-based practices, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and working nodally with holistic healing methodologies to address socio-ecological issues.

Through living and working in the traditional land and sky country of the Anangu people in central desert Australia, Drika developed an ever deepened relationship with Country and came to understand the importance of reciprocity with the nested systems, essence, and spirit of place. She engages through frameworks to help unveil essence-sourced and evolutionary potential, greater creative palettes, and sources of healing for individuals, communities, projects, and places.

Time zone considerations: Drika is based in Melbourne, Australia.


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