The Regenesis School Scholarship Application

Thanks for your interest in applying for a scholarship for Regenesis School programming! Please complete the scholarship application below prior to enrolling in any courses; if your request is approved, we’ll provide you with a scholarship discount code you can use during the payment process.

Please submit scholarship requests at least 2 business days in advance of the enrollment deadline of the programming for which you are requesting support. We typically respond to scholarship requests within a week.


Please indicate if you align with any of our equity-based scholarship criteria.(Required)
We have a limited budget for scholarships/subsidies in each enrollment cycle. While we do not limit scholarship funding to only applicants who meet at least one of our Institute-wide equity criteria, we do prioritize those who do to support equity of access to this work and inclusivity within our community of practice. Please indicate below which, if any, category or categories describes you.
Please indicate the amount of scholarship funding you are requesting(Required)
Scholarship support is delivered in the form of a flat discount off of any and all Regenesis School programming you would like to register for through the end of calendar year 2024. At the end of 2024, your code will expire and you will need to resubmit this form to request scholarship funding for calendar year 2025.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.