The Regenesis School Expression of Interest Form

Thanks for your interest in Regenesis School programming! To express your interest in an alternate schedule for one of the School’s offerings, you have several options. You can simply register your interest as an individual in participating in a given course, or, you can express interest in organizing a group from your community. Finally, you may already have a group of practitioners in mind for whom you’d like to charter a course.

Chartering a course provides students the chance to request and/or schedule a given course with a schedule that would work for you. As a member of The Regenerates community, you have the opportunity to register your interest in chartering any of our programs at any point in time. We can offer bespoke, chartered courses once the minimum threshold of 10 participants has been reached.  If you are reaching out as an individual but would like support and resourcing around how to bring a group together so that a given course may be chartered more rapidly, please indicate such a preference below and we will follow up with you after you submit the form below to discuss how to support reaching the enrollment threshold required to move forward. Please contact Avery Hardy at avery (at) with further questions.

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