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Your NameEbru Kaya
Cohort AssignmentCohort A (Europe, MENA and South America)
1. What do you see as your primary work at this stage of your life?

I would like to help create a more caring, regenerative world for all beings.

2. What role do you see as yours to play?

I see myself as a change catalyst

3. What goals or aims do you have in regard to the above?

I work to apply regenerative principles in all lines of my work, and my life in general.

6. What have you invested in to get you where you are?

20+yrs of struggle in a system that I did not believe in - teaching me what not to be or do.
I have been investing my time and savings into my businesses/projects (Atreyu, eclipsee) to bring about the regenerative potential and help create a better future for all.

4. Where do you feel your next arenas for personal growth are?

To fully immerse myself in regenerative being and embodiment

7. What fields of learning and which thinkers have been important in your life?

Philosophy, Anthropology

5. And for professional growth?

Work to continuously learn and apply regenerative principles in all my businesses/projects - Atreyu, eclipsee

8. Can you frame your philosophy or cosmology of life? What role(s) do humans play in it?

We are all connected (all living beings and matter) and are part of higher intelligence.
Our role as humans is to live with the principles that governed "life" for 4 billion years.


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