Date CreatedSeptember 18, 2022
Reflecting back on the potential I first saw for this work and myself in it and how that has shifted — what is the next order of actualization (i.e., developmental edge) I am being pulled toward?

While working on the TRP project I saw the potential of moving from the "Do Good" level of paradigm to the "Regenerative" level by working on built environment projects and community engagement projects. After almost a year working on my capabilities and reaching out to some allies I realized that it will take a much more engaged approach to expand the regenerative ethosphere calls from me the roles of the "regenerative citizen" and "entrepreneur" roles.

I'm also wanting to expand the efforts of our Latin American and Caribbean Co-Lab and work on the relevant language/culture/paradigms.

What inner development will that require?

It will require commitment to working with my "will, being, and function" to occupy the roles. I've noticed that I spent too much time in the learning mode vs. doing mode.

What would reconciling those make possible in terms of the evolving role I could play and the unique contribution I could make?

The reconciliation would allow for meeting goals that carry vitality, viability, and evolution in the citizen and entrepreneur roles to lift local development practices. The local development is degenerative and feels fragmented as it is driven by government employees responsible of supervising the work performed by external experts. I also want to bring alive the "story of place" as means of evolving the professional culture in the US Virgin Islands, Caribbean, and Latin America.