Created By (User)Nuno Da Silva
Date CreatedApril 19, 2022
Reflecting back on the potential I first saw for this work and myself in it and how that has shifted — what is the next order of actualization (i.e., developmental edge) I am being pulled toward?

Being able to resource people and organisations, no matter where they are in their thinking, to level up their capabilities and capacity to have regenerative roles in their contexts.

What inner development will that require?

Being able to work intuitively and consciously with the socratic method. Being better able to consciously manage my being state in all aspects of my life. Being more able to work with dynamic frameworks in a lively, dynamic way. Developing my capacity to image, see and work with patterns and generate fields of care and enthusiasm (working with energies and will).

What would reconciling those make possible in terms of the evolving role I could play and the unique contribution I could make?

Be a mentor and resource to people and organisations leading the transition to a living systems paradigm of work.