Date CreatedApril 25, 2022
Reflecting back on the potential I first saw for this work and myself in it and how that has shifted — what is the next order of actualization (i.e., developmental edge) I am being pulled toward?

The next order, which is currently at my doorstep, is putting into practice the creation of a vitalizing energy field that draws others into the work of creating something new. Increasing the possibilities for collaboration, while maintaining FBW, is where 'I'm at'. Tomorrow my answer will be different!

What inner development will that require?

The immediate priority for inner development is the management of my being state, which in turn impacts the way I participate in the creation of a loving, collaborative and uplifting energy field. One of my interests is becoming more aware of my body (mind) and how to use it to store and recall ideas and impressions. Embodying regenerative thinking as a whole, seeing life working, imaging frameworks as moving spirals of energy ... that would be fun!

What would reconciling those make possible in terms of the evolving role I could play and the unique contribution I could make?

Although I am currently co-creating a handful of potential and impactful programs, the role that is most important to me is that of a Parent. I think of my descendants in all the work that I do and pursue. I'm trusting The Fourth Way of living and being to generate the cosmic energy field to support and evolve all living entities.