Your NameAnna Bish
TRP Cohort AssignmentCohort C (Aotearoa)
Study Cohort Members

Bela Grimsdale
Camden Howitt
Rose Tapsell
Stu McGregor

Working Title of The Project (which we will use to refer to it throughout the series)

Te Whau Pathway

Project Location

Te Whau, West Auckland

Nature of The Project (e.g. building, new community, economic development, etc.)

Shared public pathway connecting Te Waitemata to Manukau (Te Atatu to Green Bay), as well as to Te Whau itself, communities/ neighbourhoods, schools in-between. Key piece of infrastructure at a city scale - connects into wider cycle / shared path network to city + beyond

Why do you think this project is appropriate for the course assignment?

Base level of mana whenua + community engagement to compare with new frameworks + systems learnt.
Design stage completed - this is what we are working from.
Some stages already constructed - ability to physically be in the space.
Good project contacts for interviewing + forming baseline.
Information is available to public / it is not confidential.
Landscape based project.
Two people within our team know the project well, one knows of it and has been engaged with other work within the general area.

Additional Useful Information

If useful there are a number of helpful website links.
Auckland Council website provides high level overview

Te Whau Pathway Project website, run by the trust, provides more detail across all aspects of the project, from consenting to construction.

Under ‘get involved’ – ‘have your say’, there is a run down on some of the consultation, and a recording of the public 2021 presentation

Date CreatedOctober 16, 2022