Your NameMauricio Gonzalez
Cohort AssignmentEurope Summer-Fall 2023, Cohort 2
1. What do you see as your primary work at this stage of your life?

On a personal level, integrate my path of self-discovery, the work in the field of communication and strategic experience, oriented towards networks of thought and action. I see the manifestation of this work in my service to communities of psycho-socio-environmental innovation in Ibero-America.

2. What role do you see as yours to play?

I consider that I can serve in three fields: communication planning and product creation; strategic vision and creative activation, and the possibility of holding spaces for deep conversation and contemplation.

3. What goals or aims do you have in regard to the above?

The first small step is to integrate my experiences and learn frames of reference capable of supporting the three action scenarios. The second objective would be to consolidate small circles of practice and, based on them, offer experiences. The third objective would be to interconnect these communities, articulating infrastructures, structures and superstructures.

4. Where do you feel your next arenas for personal growth are?

From the deepest out. I would like to continue cultivating spaces and times of silence, self-inquiry and contemplation. I also dream of deepening writing and integrating ideas, authors and fields. Third, I long to belong to communities of practice in the fields of regeneration, contemplative and cognitive sciences, grief, social innovation, system and complex thinking, among others.

5. And for professional growth?

After thirteen years working for an organization, I am in the process of creating a personal path that includes writing, facilitating, teaching and consulting. I am also interested in co-creating initiatives for psycho-socio-environmental transformation.

6. What have you invested in to get you where you are?

I have invested time in retirement, study and service. On four occasions I have changed my life and place of residence, to start over and weave in other latitudes. I have invested financial and physical resources to talk and learn from mentors and teachers.

7. What fields of learning and which thinkers have been important in your life?

I have been interested in the fields of communication, literature, philosophy, theology, oriental studies, cognitive sciences, creativity and innovation, theory of change, systems thinking, ecopsychology. As for references, the following have been fundamental: Plato, Heiddeger, Sri Aurobindo, Rabindranath Tagore, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Raimon Pannikar, Otto Scharmer, John Vervaeke, Francis Weller, Joanna Macy, Dave Snowden, Daniel Schmachtenberger

8. Can you frame your philosophy or cosmology of life? What role(s) do humans play in it?

I can't define a particular cosmology. But if I could point out three horizons of my sense, I would say that, I am moved in Action by the compassion of Tibetan Buddhism, the way of framing the problems of systemic thinking (for example, Schmachtenberger or Snowden) nd the method of manifestation of a technique such as Theory U. In the Emotional-Mental dimensions, I am interested in the work in search of meaning proposed by someone like John Vervaeke, especially in relation to cognitive biases and conversational abilities. In the Psycho-Spiritual field, it makes sense to me, on the one hand, the works of reconnection with nature, such as those proposed by David Abram or Bill Plotkin, and on the other, the gaze of immanence in the finitude of Zen Buddhism.

Date CreatedAugust 21, 2023