Your NameSimon Dawson
Cohort AssignmentEurope Summer-Fall 2023, Cohort 1
1. What do you see as your primary work at this stage of your life?

I run an outdoor education centre, the Wilderness Centre, in the Forest of Dean, England. Its mission is to become a regenerative hub for the area

2. What role do you see as yours to play?

My role is to be a leader and catalyst in fulfilling the Wilderness Centre's mission

3. What goals or aims do you have in regard to the above?

1. To create a Community Benefit Society that buys the Wilderness Centre from the current owner
2. To source funding that backs the Community Benefit Society as a viable concern
3. To continue to grow the regenerative experience and operation at the Wilderness Centre, through activities, partnerships, etc.
4. To engage with the local community to sell shares in the Community Benefit Society

4. Where do you feel your next arenas for personal growth are?

Learning to be a leader in a complex project, dealing with any obstacles as they arise, in a positive way - managing my emotions, especially fear and anxiety, using the many resources available

5. And for professional growth?

Working with regenerative perspectives and frameworks day-to-day. Applying these to the wide range of circumstances I experience, both the exciting and the mundane

6. What have you invested in to get you where you are?

I've invested a lot in that my family (wife and four children) live at the Wilderness Centre. If the proposed change doesn't happen we'll lose our home. I've also invested a lot in financial terms, given the lower pay in the outdoor education sector compared to my previous work in organisational consulting.

7. What fields of learning and which thinkers have been important in your life?

I've a 20yr background in organisational development (organisational and personal change, systemic thinking, change leadership). As part of this I did an MA in 'learning and change in organisations'.
I've trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist.
I have an active Zen practice (with the Western Chan Fellowship and more recently Zenways).
I've read Carol Sanford's books
I've worked with my friend and colleague, Paul Pivcevic, who did TRP a couple of years ago and been a great teacher since then

8. Can you frame your philosophy or cosmology of life? What role(s) do humans play in it?

Zen buddhism, particularly 'engaged buddhism', is my central philosophy and the way I try to live my life. As such humans are an integral part of life, with a moral responsibility to care for life.

Date CreatedAugust 27, 2023