Your Namelauren anseline
TRP Cohort AssignmentAustralia 2023
Study Cohort Members

Lee Couch, Aunty Glenda Macphail, Sara Jones, Jim Lounsbury

Working Title of The Project (which we will use to refer to it throughout the series)

Hidden Medicine

Project Location

Victoria & NSW

Nature of The Project (e.g. building, new community, economic development, etc.)

Learning, education and development
First Nations healing practices
Creating a place-based, retreat program of First Nations Practitioners

Why do you think this project is appropriate for the course assignment?

The project draws on First Nations holistic wisdom and understanding of healing, creating a space to see what medicine exists in nature and connection.

Hidden Medicine is an initiative to reveal Indigenous wisdom and the ‘hidden medicine’ that exists in nature that many of us are not familiar with.

This initiative aims to regenerate earth mind body spirit connection, healing and wellbeing in our young people aged 12 to 24.

Additional Useful Information

CYP Design Cultural Immersion


Wayapa Wuurrk, an ancient earth mindfulness & connection wellness modality

Date CreatedAugust 15, 2023