Your NameTyler Key
TRP Cohort AssignmentAustralia 2023
Study Cohort Members

Alicia Wheatley
Karla Fox-Reynolds
Riley McCullough
Rosemary Dewerse
Tyler Key

Working Title of The Project (which we will use to refer to it throughout the series)

Witchcliffe Ecovillage

Project Location

Witchcliffe, Western Australia

Nature of The Project (e.g. building, new community, economic development, etc.)

New Community

Why do you think this project is appropriate for the course assignment?

It's intention is to be one of the world’s most sustainable residential communities. It has good written materials to review and we have contact to people involved.

Additional Useful Information

The Ecovillage site was previously occupied by two farms: an organic vineyard owned by Cape Mentelle, and a hobby beef cattle farm. In the early days of Witchcliffe’s group settlement, the farms were owned by the Fox and Shervington families, hence Shervington Avenue in Witchcliffe, as well as the name of our existing vineyard, ‘Foxcliffe’. Sustainable Settlements Director and Project Founder, Mike Hulme, first identified the Ecovillage site in 1994. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that his company, Sustainable Settlements, and joint venture business partners, the Perron Group, purchased both properties with the intention of developing a model ecovillage.

Date CreatedAugust 27, 2023