Direct Resourcing from Regenesis Faculty

We know that regenerative practitioners benefit greatly from direct resourcing support from our faculty as they work to apply a regenerative approach to projects and initiatives on the ground. To make this nature of suport accessible, members of our faculty have come together to offer one-on-one resourcing at a discounted hourly rate exclusively for TRP graduates.

Resourcing sessions can be booked as-you-go or banked to be scheduled in advanced. These sessions are intended to be able to flow in real time with the real challenges and opportunities you’re facing, but please allow time for coordination with your chosen faculty member to schedule your session. Examples of how you can use these sessions include: to help develop your own thinking about an upcoming engagement, project or initiative; to dive deeper into a particular framework or concept; or to troubleshoot a process that’s currently underway.

Please note: Resourcing sessions sometimes lead organically into developmental partnerships where practitioners team up with Regenesis faculty to provide long-term developmental support on a project, initiative, or change process. The discounted rates for one-on-one resourcing are not indicative of our faculty members’ typical project rates, which vary.

After you complete your purchase, your faculty resource will reach out to you to schedule your session.

We recognize that even our discounted rates are not affordable for every practitioner, particularly for practitioners working in under-resourced areas. We are actively working to develop funding to be able to provide a program of accessible support–please get in touch with Shannon at if you have an opportunity and/or need for support that we should consider as we are working to develop this program.