Designing for Harmony with Place – Regenerative Critical Success Factors 2022

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This workshop addresses the challenge of translating the understanding of place and field of caring developed in the first phase of regenerative development into a system of guidelines and progress indicators for the design and construction phases. This workshop introduces a framework developed by Regenesis to address this challenge. Drawn from the factors that enable living systems to successfully engage in and support evolution through the generation and regeneration of life, the framework addresses the ability to provide the material structuring that forms the basis for life processes — the outer landscape of a place and project, as well as the “inner landscape” that sources our spirit and will and drives us to cherish and protect the places we inhabit.

Potential applications include:

  • Designing developmental stakeholder engagement processes
  • Setting overall project commitments that shape strategy and design
  • Defining specific design goals and guidelines
  • Providing a basis for developing stakeholder guilds, and
  • Developing indicators for how progress is measured

Participants should have a specific project in mind to work with.

This workshop consists of three two-hour Zoom sessions held every week.

Session dates for Winter 2022-23 Semester:

  • US Mondays: February 27, March 6, March 13.
  • (Which are Deep Pacific Tuesdays: February 28, March 7, March 14.

Session time options:

  • Morning session (Europe-friendly): 9 am – 11 am US Mountain Time
  • Afternoon session (Deep Pacific-friendly) – 3 pm – 5 pm US Mountain Time

Registration Information
Registration for this workshop is $250. Three-month payment plans are available for $89 per month (including administrative fees). Subscribers to The Regenesis School receive a $50 discount. Scholarships are available for practitioners who would be unable to participate without financial support.

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Payment Terms

Full Payment, Three-Month Payment Plan

Session Time

Morning session (Europe-friendly): 9 am – 11 am US Mountain Time, Afternoon session (Deep Pacific-friendly) – 3 pm – 5 pm US Mountain Time