Resourcing with Ben Haggard


One-hour resourcing session with Ben Haggard





Ben Haggard is a founding member of Regenesis, where he works on a diverse range of regenerative development and planning projects and has been delivering The Regenerative Practitioner series and other courses since 2013. He is the co-author of the book Regenerative Development: A Framework for Evolving Sustainability, published in 2016.

Ben has provided a range of professional expertise to a wide spectrum of projects around the world, working with developers and design teams; community, city and regional planning entities; and educational institutions and non-profit organizations to apply a regenerative approach to a broad range of land and community development projects and contexts. Ben’s current work focuses on the potential to reverse climate change through the systematic global deployment of regenerative, place-sourced approaches.

Time zone considerations: Ben splits his time between Santa Fe, New Mexico USA (US Mountain time) and Berlin, Germany.


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