Resourcing with Marcus Sheffer


One-hour resourcing session with Marcus Sheffer.





Marcus Sheffer promotes the application of a living systems, regenerative approach to projects and organizations. After 12 years at the Pennsylvania Energy Office, he founded Energy Opportunities (EO) in 1993 to provide technical consulting services on all manner of building energy issues, renewable energy systems, and the environmental impacts of human activities. Marcus is also a partner in 7group, a multi-disciplinary team of professionals developing the capacity of projects and organizations to affect how humans regenerate life through building.

Marcus is a LEED Fellow, an accredited LEED Project Reviewer, a Living Future Accredited Professional, and faculty for The Regenerative Practitioner Series. He co-authored The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building (published by John Wiley & Sons in 2009) and was the primary author of The Pennsylvania Solar Manual (published by the PA Department of Environmental Protection in 2006). Sheffer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies in 1981 and a Master of Science degree in Public Administration in 1986, both from Shippensburg University.

Time zone considerations: Marcus is based in Columbia, Pennsylvania USA (US Eastern Time).