Developing Fluency in the Evolutionary Systems Thinking Technology of Regenerative Development. Addresses the question that we all run up against sooner or later: “how do I know what framework to use now?”

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This course is currently closed to further enrollments.

Systematics: Developing Fluency in the Evolutionary Systems Thinking Technology of Regenerative Development

This course addresses a question we all run up against as we work to develop ourselves as regenerative practitioners: “how do I know what framework to use in this situation, at this time?” Multi-term dynamic systems frameworks, like the tetrad (four-term) and pentad (five-term) introduced in TRP, are key instruments in our thinking technology. Instead of the conventional approach of deconstructing complexity in order to “manage” it, they enable us to image life at work, to see its potential and what manifesting that potential requires—a capability core to regenerative development.

Growing our capacity as regenerative practitioners requires growing mastery of an expanding library of frameworks, each of which addresses a specific process and key capability related to the health and continuing development of all living systems. Seeing and working with each as separate entities, however, quickly becomes overwhelming. Building fluency in our thinking technology can’t be done by simply adding more frameworks to our toolkit, as one company learned when it created framework “dictionaries” for its employees. A knowledge-oriented approach, this ended up promoting less, rather than more, intelligent use of frameworks. Rather, fluency requires learning how to integrate the use of multiple frameworks in our thinking as a source of understanding and design. This course introduces Systematics as a means for that work. Developed by John Bennett and adapted by Charles Krone, Systematics is a hierarchy of term frameworks (i.e. one-term, two-term, three-term, four-term and five-term) that depicts the progression of processes and requisite capacities by which living systems evolve themselves toward increasingly higher and higher orders of expression and generativity. It provides a road map of evolution that serves as a means for assessing a system’s current developmental stage and capability gaps, and a basis for designing appropriate developmental processes—the nature of thinking required to become co-evolutionary partners with a living world.

This mastery course will be primarily led by Regenesis faculty member Pamela Mang.

Is this course right for me? This course could be a good fit for you if any of the following statements apply:

  • You want to increase your understanding of why and how the frameworks, techniques and tools introduced in TRP work.
  • You are seeking to grow your capacity to discern which framework or combination of frameworks is called for in different situations, opportunities or challenges in your professional or personal life. 
  • You are interested in exploring how regenerative thinking and practices apply across different fields and situations by working and learning with other regenerative practitioners.


Enrollment is open now for a cohort with a US morning session time that is possible for practitioners in European time zones to attend. If you are interested in taking this course but find that the schedule option below does not accommodate you, please fill out our expression of interest form.

Morning SessionSessionDate (US)Time (US Mountain)Local Session Time Link
Session 1Wednesday Jan. 17th10-12pmcalculate local time
Session 2Wednesday Jan. 31st10-12pmcalculate local time
Session 3Wednesday Feb. 14th10-12pmcalculate local time
Session 4Wednesday Feb. 28th10-12pmcalculate local time
Session 5Wednesday Mar. 13th10-12pmcalculate local time
Session 6Wednesday Mar. 27th10-12pmcalculate local time

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Registration for the course is $650. Six-month payment plans are available for $115 per month (including administrative fees). Subscribers to The Regenesis School receive a $100 discount on each module. Scholarships are available for practitioners who would be unable to participate without financial support–you can apply for a scholarship here.

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January – March 2024

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US Wednesdays 10 am – 12 pm MT (Europe-friendly)